Polcoverack Farm

Our Family - click pictures to enlarge

Click to enlargeSelle:

Selle is retired from the Household Cavalry supported by the benevolent fund.

Click to enlargeBobby Dazzler:

Came to us 2 years ago still a relative young horse - the owner spent a fortune in vets bills trying to cure his lameness.

He is now being ridden on a regular basis. No rocket science - he just needed to excercise at his level.

Click to enlargeMax:

Leader of the herd who retired at 16 and is now 21.

He has arthritis allegedly - you wouldn't know most of the time.

Do not let him stand on your feet.

Click to enlargeRoly:

Stood in the foreground and from Surrey, Roly is 28. He's very placid but gets excited when introduced to new horses.


Stood in the background and short for Garibaldi, he's 21 (well you wouldn't call a horse Gary). He just decided not to be ridden anymore, very sensible.